Bowo Simalakama

Prabowo Subianto (born 17 October 1951) is an 
Indonesian businessman, politician and former
Lieutenant General in the Indonesian National
Armed Forces. He is a commander of hundreds
of man trained by kopassus,

Troops under Prabowo's command
kidnapped and tortured at least
nine democracy activists in the months
 before the 
May 1998 Riots. 

In one testimony, a former detainee
 told of being tortured for days in
 an unidentified location, allegedly a military camp 

where most of their time was spent blindfolded, 
while being forced to answer repeated questions,
 mainly concerning their political activities.
 Abuse included being punched,
terrorized physically and mentally,
and given electric shocks.

Following the TNI investigation,
Prabowo acknowledged responsibility
for the kidnapping of the activists.

He was discharged 

from military service in August.
In the 
Indonesian presidential
election, 2009 he ran for the vice-presidency
as part of 
Megawati Sukarnoputri's campaign
for president.
 In November 2011,
Prabowo announced his intention to run
 for president in the next 
 presidential election, 2014.

simalakama means "you killed by your own weapon"