Face Cartooning "Jokowi"

Cartoon version of Joko Widodo or  Jokowi
"The man of the year"
i purposely draw him like a puppet, why?
click this link to answer that why.


Jokowi as Puppet President "Presiden Boneka"

Actually i want to give the title like,
Illustration of my frightened.
but i think im not frighten too much.
He is Joko Widodo or known as
Jokowi, he was elected for
Governor of Jakarta in


Face Cartooning

this is how i cartooning human look.
she is Megawati Soekarnoputri, fifth president of
indonesia and the only one female president,
her father is Soekarno who was


fun with grid and proportion

grid line help you to keep your drawing object looks
proportion. you can pull your grid line at the top and left
in your photoshop but if it wont appear, press ctrl+r
to show you the ruler than pull it again.


Natalia Poklonskaya Cartoon Version

i had wanted to give text in a ballon text reads like
"it's not prostitute cute, it's just prosecute,
but i think it will annoy, so i just give you this.
and if you want to see how i draw this step by step
click here,
but if you want to see Natalia Poklonskaya in
real digital painting version, click here
thank you

step by step cartooning natalia poklonskaya


Natalia Poklonskaya

Jaksa agung Crimea, Ukraina ini sudah lama menarik perhatian banyak khalayak lantaran parasnya yang sangat mempesona, berusia 33 tahun padahal sebelumnya saya mengira...