i know you know them

Jesus Christ

Someone who promised me an eternal life in the new world
He is My GOD
(manual drawing)
Honda From Street Fighters
Honda From Street Fighter
My favorite character
Back to manual drawing.. :D
My Friend's Wedding Story
This is my latest undone artwork since my macbook
went wrong and i don't have enough money to repair it 
that's the reason i couldn't update this blog.. hufh.. :'(


Anne Farewell..

Never Ending Friendship
i made this for my girl and her friends
one of her friends need to go from our city
so i try to make her a gift
and i hope she likes this :D


This is me

What do you want  me to do?
leave any comment
catch me at ricardoedward.ricardo@gmail.com :D


Me and My Country

imagine If only i had a chance to change my life

Rusty Golden Field

Sweet Promise From Government
Sweet Promise From Government
They promised me to earn a decent living
They just want to win the elections
They never think about us
They want money